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Probate & Trust Administration

Managing a probate and/or trust administration of an estate is complex work that requires strict attention to the intricate details of the law, tax code and adherence to the terms of a last will or trust agreement.  As a personal representative of a probate estate and/or a trustee of a trust, you can be held personally liable for any mistakes you make in the performance of your fiduciary duties.  Having a professional law firm manage this process is not only a wise move that will give you the best chance of staying in compliance with the law, it makes the tasks you must perform far easier than should you go it alone.  

You were likely selected to serve in this role because the decedent trusted you to handle their final affairs and properly provide for their beneficiaries.  They chose you because you were the most capable and trustworthy person in their life.  Such a selection is an honor and should be treated with great appreciation.  It is very important that you recognize the importance of this role and make your execution of the duties required of such an office your top priority.  

With the Filippi Law Firm, you will have the peace of knowing that a professional team is supporting your endeavors and ensuring the duties required of you are executed properly.  Schedule a consult today to see why hiring our firm will be your first great decision in this new role.

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