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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense is terrifying and naturally places you in a state of apprehension.  Unfortunately, you don't have a choice; you've been placed in the criminal justice system and its time to fight to protect your rights.

Our criminal justice system is adversarial, meaning the district attorney represents the State of California and has the full force of the government to bring to bear against you, while you're left to defend yourself.

You can't go it alone and need an advocate in your corner to ensure the State has proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt, has followed the rules of procedure and hasn't violated your constitutional rights.  It is our job to ensure this happens.

Attorney Jim Filippi is a Law Professor who teaches second year law students criminal procedure and is a retired police officer who knows how the other side operates.  With his knowledge and experience of police procedure, he will spot issues others likely will not.

You don't have to be innocent to be not guilty. Whether you've been charged with a misdemeanor traffic violation like DUI or reckless driving, or have been arrested for drug or gun possession, and even assault, robbery or homicide, the Filippi Law Firm stands ready to defend you today.

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